Haibane Renmei Episode 09
Well — Rebirth — Riddle
Kanji 井戸 — 再生 — 謎掛け
Rōmaji Ido — Saisei — Nazokake
Production Staff
Screenplay Yoshitoshi ABe
Episode Director Jun Takada
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Episode Summary Edit

The Haibane leave Old Home in search for Rakka, who realizes that the crow that died in the well represents someone who cared about her in her old life. The Toga find and rescue her from the well, but they do not know what has happened to Kuu and refuse to speak, much to her dismay. She believes she heard Kuu's voice behind the cold wall, but the Communicator catches her touching it. Now having a sprained ankle, the Communicator leads her home. The Communicator says that the crow had finished its purpose before dying, but Rakka sympathizes for this crow showing what her dream meant. The Communicator also remarks how she is sin-bound due to her black-spotted wings that she tried to hide. He then gives a riddle, which he calls the Circle of Sin, stating that to recognize sin is to have no sin. Rakka wonders that if by saying she has no sin she becomes a sinner. The Communicator notes the paradox and that it might be what it means to be sin-bound. As the Communicator departs, Reki and the others find her. However, Reki realizes that Rakka has touched the wall, feeling her cold body. Rakka becomes ill and Reki takes her home to take care of her. It is hinted that Reki may have been in a similar situation in the past. She laments that she is always alone.

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