Water is a recurring theme in the series that appears in various forms, sometimes coupled with other symbolism.

Water Symbolism Edit

Water is most strongly associated with the themes of life, which it sustains, and change, due to the motion of fluid objects and the way rivers and creeks are always moving.

Appearances and Interpretations Edit

Episode 01 Edit

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  • In the opening sequence, before Rakka's cocoon dream begins, there is a submerged view of the water's surface. The camera advances on, and crosses, this threshold as the dream begins.
The threshold being crossed appears to be that between one existence and the next, Rakka ends one life, through death, and her consciousness arrives within the cocoon dream preparing for rebirth.
  • The inside of the cocoon is completely filled with water.
The cocoon is a symbol of metamorphosis, combined with water, this invokes a very strong connection to rebirth and change, the end of one life and the beginning of another.