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...Perhaps this is what it means to be bound by sin. To spin in the same circle, looking for where the sin lies, and at some point losing sight of the way out.

— The Communicator
The Communicator
Race Haibane
Given Name 話師 (Washi)
True Name Unknown
Gender Male
Job Leader of the Haibane
Voice ActorEN Michael McConnohie
Voice ActorJP Tamio Ōki

The Communicator is the presiding leader of the Haibane Renmei, the organization responsible for the group's well-being. He's in charge of overseeing the Haibane living throughout Glie, and is known for giving them spiritual advice to guide them, as well as occasionally punishing them for breaking the rules.

The Communicator is the only one in Glie who is allowed to speak with the Touga when they come to town to trade with the citizens. He expresses that his main desire is to see all Haibane successfully take their Days of Flight without problem, but he also acknowledges the problems faced by those who are sin-bound. He serves as an important mentor to Rakka as she seeks to break free of her curse, and explains to her what ultimately happens to a Haibane who cannot take flight.

Failed Haibane are destined to live away from humans and Haibane in a quiet and peaceful, but lonely existence that ultimately ends with death of old age. This is highly implicative of the Haibane Renmei and perhaps even the Touga stemming from failed Haibane, suggesting the occurrence is far less rare than he claims it to be considering the number of individuals.

The Communicator is aware of Reki's curse as well and has tried many times throughout the years to help her, silently despairing over her refusal to listen to him. As such, he entrusts Rakka with as much information as he is allowed to give, in the hopes of finally seeing Reki take her Day of Flight.

He doesn't soften the truth, however, and warns Rakka that to save Reki means parting with her forever.

The Communicator is the one who appoints Rakka her new job, working inside the wall, collecting light leaves and purifying the strange name tags that lie within. He gives her very little information of what purpose this places serves, instructing her only to never remove the protective robe he gives her. In doing so, he seems to indicate that something lives within the wall, but that whoever wears the robe is incapable of being approached or harmed.

Rakka does encounter something while inside the wall. Despite the Communicator telling her it isn't true, Rakka has continued to hear Kuu's voice from within the wall, laughing and moving somewhere close by. While she's working, something approaches Rakka, leaving multitudes of ripples in the river running inside the wall. As the Communicator promised, it moves past Rakka and into the darkness beyond, trailing the sound of Kuu's laughter behind it. It's unknown what this presence is or whether or not it's a benevolent force, although it's clearly well-known to the Communicator, hence his warnings. This would indicate the presence as less than harmless, though capable of being appeased or warded off.