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Rakka embraces the crow in her cocoon dream.

Although crows are seen throughout the series, one crow in particular is significant to Rakka. While in Glie, Rakka is captivated by flocks of crows that beckon her to the West Woods, where she eventually goes to only to find that the crow from her dream now lies dead at the bottom of a well. The crow is understood to be a person who was close to Rakka in her past life. When she sees the crow in the well, Rakka gives it a proper burial and apologizes to that person for how much she must have hurt them. After this Rakka is saved by the Toga, who still refuse to speak to her. On her way back to Old Home, Rakka runs into the Communicator and explains what happened. He suggests that apologizing to the crow was enough for Rakka to escape being sin bound.

Appearances and Interpretations[]

Episode 01[]

  • In Rakka's cocoon dream, the crow races to her side as she falls. Asleep in the dream, the crow awakes her, warning her to her situation before trying to pull upwards on her gown. Rakka, knowing the crow is helpless to lift her, assures her that she cannot be helped and thanks the crow for its concern. It gives up and ascends.