...Somewhere, that’s not here, in a place I can’t remember, I was obsessed with the idea that I was all alone. I thought that nobody would care, or even miss me if I vanished from the face of the Earth. I wanted to disappear. Then I had a dream about falling from the sky. I just remember that the bird was in the dream with me, and that the bird was someone in the form of a bird, trying to call me back. I now know that I was never alone.
— Rakka
Character Infobox - Rakka
Given Name 落下 (Fall Downward)
True Name 絡果 (Connected Nut)
Gender Female
Visible Age ~15
Haibane Age 0
Affiliation Old Home
Voice ActorEN Carrie Savage
Voice ActorJP Ryô Hirohashi

Cocoon Dream Edit

While falling headfirst from the sky, Rakka is awoken by the cawing of a crow. She notes that she feels warm, and yet not afraid. The crow is much more afraid for her safety than she is, letting out panicked cries and trying to pull her back into the sky by her night gown. Though the crow ultimately fails, Rakka assures it that it cannot help her now, and thanks it sincerely for its concern. As the crow gives up and ascends, Rakka breaches the cloud line and panics as she sees the town of Glie quickly rise up at her from below.

Life as a Haibane Edit

In the beginning, when Rakka was new and did not remember her dream, she did not take up a job. But after touching the wall, she was given the 'punishment' of cleaning in the temple, after she became free from the sin-bound curse.

Observations and Interpretations Edit