Haibane Renmei Episode 11
Parting — Darkness in the Heart — Irreplaceable Thing
Kanji 別離 — 心の闇 — かけがえのないもの
Rōmaji Betsuri — Kokoro no yami — Kakegae no nai mono
Production Staff
Screenplay Yoshitoshi ABe
Episode Director Masatsugu Arakawa
Episode Navigation
Previous Kuramori — Haibane of Abandoned Factory — Rakka's Job
Next Bell Nuts — Passing of the Year Festival — Reconciliation


Episode Summary Edit

Rakka goes to the Abandoned Factory to meet up with Hyoko and Midori there. Midori hints to Rakka that Hyoko almost died because of Reki when the two once ran away together. During her work underground, Rakka hears Kuu's voice as drops of water flow down the stream. The Communicator later tells Rakka that while she had the birds to offer her forgiveness, Reki will not accept help from anyone and has little time left. Rakka vows to try to help Reki, already knowing she probably will not ever see her again. Since Nemu is sick, Rakka visits the library, coming across one of the petrified books, which Sumika says that it was turned to stone by some sort of magical force. Rakka becomes upset when Reki views that their moments together will not last forever. 

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