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Old Home's inner courtyard

Old Home (オールドホームŌrudo hōmu) is a haibane nest located in the far south of the town of Glie that serves as the main setting for the series. At the start of the series, only female Haibane live there, with the exception of a few male Young Feathers. It's unknown if Old Home is strictly a female residence by design, or if male Haibane simply aren't being born here or else haven't been born in a while.

It's believed the building was a boarding house for a school before it was abandoned entirely, opening it up as a nest for Haibane. The only human left on the property is the old housemother. It can be assumed that she works indirectly for the Haibane Renmei as a caretaker alongside Reki for the Young Feathers.

The building itself consists of five wings: one to the east, two to the north, one to the west, and one to the south. On the south corner of the east wing is a small clock tower. The second northern wing's northern wall is largely destroyed on the western side, but the cause of the damage is unknown. Only half of these buildings have electricity. The entire northern portion of the property is too decrepit for anyone to inhabit.

The southern gate is the largest on the property and is used as the main entrance and exit.

As one of only two Haibane nests, periodically, cocoons will appear in abandoned rooms at random, forcing the residents to routinely scour every floor checking for any sign of them. If the cocoons aren't found in time, the risk of a Haibane hatching alone and their wings erupting without the necessary care is frightfully high and potentially extremely dangerous for the newborns, so the anxiety of not finding them in time is a real fear for the Haibane.