Old Home Courtyard

Old Home's inner courtyard

Old Home (オールドホームŌrudo hōmu) is a haibane nest located in the far south of the town of Glie that serves as the main setting for the series. At the time of the series, it appears to be an all-girls nest, but there are a few male Young Feathers.

The building was most likely a boarding school before it was abandoned, as it clearly serves in part as a dormitory and, even though people steadily left before and after it became a haibane nest, the housemother has remained.

The building itself consists of five wings: one to the east, two to the north, one to the west, and one to the south. On the south corner of the east wing is a small clock tower. The second northern wing's northern wall is largely destroyed on the western side, but the cause of the damage is unknown. Only half of these buildings have electricity.

The southern gate is the largest on the property and is used as the main entrance and exit.