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Character Infobox - Nemu.png
Race Haibane
Given Name 眠 (Sleep)
True Name Unknown
Gender Female
Visible Age ~20
Haibane Age 9
Affiliation Old Home
Job Librarian
Voice ActorEN Karen Strassman
Voice ActorJP Kazusa Murai

Cocoon Dream

"Sleeping" - 睡眠

Life as a Haibane

Nemu is the oldest of the Haibane in the town of Glie, hatching from her coocoon approximately two years before Reki, making her nine years old at the time of the series beginning. Nemu's name means "Sleeping", because she saw herself sleeping while she was asleep inside her cocoon. Her name and her sleepy nature serve as an endless source of amusement for some of the other Haibane, much to Nemu's chagrin. She often dozes off at work, though her coworkers don't mind considering she always manages to get her work done in between her naps.

  • Works in the library and is best friends with fellow librarian, Sumika
  • Was the first to discover Reki, after she hatched from her coocoon.
  • Co-wrote a book with Rakka , called 'The Beginning of the World.'


Nemu, like Reki, was very close to Kuramori and was deeply affected when she took her Day of Flight. In fact, it was Nemu who rediscovered the old legends in the library and told Reki about it, hoping to cheer her up or give her closure. Initially wary of Reki's blackened wings, she gradually warmed up to her as the two of them grew older and their relationship improved. By the time the series begins, Nemu and Reki are more akin to close sisters.

Following Kuramori's Day of Flight, Nemu, unable to rely on Reki and desperately needing comfort and reassurance, found solace in Sumika as she sorted out her despair and worry. As Nemu stabilized, she and Sumika remained very close, which is why it saddened Nemu so deeply when Sumika announced her departure from the library in preparation to give birth to her child. They shared a fascination over an old, crumbling book in the library called The Beginning of The World, in which only a few pages were legible. With Rakka's help, Nemu wrote a retelling of the story as a parting gift for Sumika, detailing a Haibane creation myth.

Observations and Interpretations

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