Character Infobox - Nemu
Race Haibane
Given Name 眠 (Sleep)
True Name Unknown
Gender Female
Visible Age ~20
Haibane Age 9
Affiliation Old Home
Job Librarian
Voice ActorEN Karen Strassman
Voice ActorJP Kazusa Murai

Cocoon Dream Edit

Being asleep (as in, even in her dream, she saw herself sleeping.)

Life as a Haibane Edit

Nemu is the oldest of the Haibane in the town of Glie, hatching from her coocoon approximately two years before Reki, making her nine years old at the time of the series beginning. She is best known with her habit of sleeping and dozing off, but no one ever scolds her because she always get her jobs done.

  • Works in the library and is best friends with fellow librarian, Sumiko.
  • Was the first to discover Reki, after she hatched from her coocoon.
  • Co-wrote a book with Rakka , called 'The Beginning of the World.'

Observations and Interpretations Edit

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