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The discography of the Haibane Renmei series. There are three releases: Hanenone, Omake, Seinaru Doukei and a single, Blue Flow & Extras. The music is mostly orchestral, with some cut songs with a more electronic feel and a number of 'image songs' for various characters, sung by their voice actresses. There are also a few songs in English, most notably Wondering and Love Will Light the Way. Wondering was played in the show with a strong echo effect, to match the environment. Omake has a third English song of uncertain title, as the track list is currently unknown but can be found on Youtube.


Haibane Renmei: Hanenone[]

"Hanenone" is a compilation CD of the OST for Haibane Renmei, including bonus tracks such as "Wondering" and "Love Will Light the Way".

Track No. Title Track Length (minutes) Composition Arrangement
1 Refrain of Memory 4:07 Kou Otani
2 Free Bird (performance: Yoko Ueno & Matsumi Ito) 2:31 Kou Otani
3 Toga 2:48 Kou Otani
4 Breath of a Germ 2:20 Kou Otani
5 Starting of the World 2:03 Kou Otani
6 A Little Plate's Rondo 2:16 Kou Otani
7 Silent Wonderland: REM Sleep 2:23 Kou Otani
8 Song of Dream, Words of Bubble 2:13 Kou Otani
9 Rustle 2:50 Kou Otani
10 Shadow of Sorrow 2:41 Kou Otani
11 Blight 3:11 Kou Otani
12 Wondering 4:00 Kou Otani
13 Fading 2:33 Kou Otani
14 Ripples by the Drop 2:07 Kou Otani
15 Someday, Lasting, Serenade 2:13
16 Love Will Light the Way 5:14
17 Ethereal Remains 2:22 Kou Otani
18 Ailes Grises 2:43 Kou Otani