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Haibane Renmei Episode 05
Library — Abandoned Factory — Beginning of the World
Kanji 図書館 — 廃工場 — 世界のはじまり
Rōmaji Toshokan — Haikōjō — Sekai no hajimari
Production Staff
Screenplay Yoshitoshi ABe
Episode Director Koji Yoshikawa
Episode Navigation
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Episode Summary[]

Rakka goes to work with Nemu at the library. There she meets Sumika, a kindly, pregnant librarian who asks for Rakka's perspective on what it was like to be born. Rakka then explores the library books for information about the world outside the walls of Glie. Sumika tells her that she, too, has made such a search and found no answers. At the end of the day, Nemu tells Rakka that she is working on a gift for Sumika involving an old, partially destroyed book they once discovered called “The Beginning of the World.” As they walk, they catch sight of Reki and witness an unfriendly encounter between her and a male Haibane named Hyoko. Nemu explains that he comes from another nest, Abandoned Factory, and that he and Reki once ran away together. As a result, they are no longer allowed into each other's territory. The next day, Nemu shares with Rakka the gift she is working on, a rewritten version of “The Beginning of the World” with the gaps in the story filled in. Together, they finish writing it, including a possible origin for Haibane and a bit of Nemu's own sleepy personality.


Symbolism, Interpretation, and Theories[]

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