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...Inside my mind, there’s a beautiful cup. A very beautiful, clear cup. And tiny drops kept falling into it, ‘drip, drip, drip’, slowly but steadily, everyday. And today, I felt the cup had finally become completely full.Kuu

Character Infobox - Kuu.png
Race Haibane
Given Name 空 (Air)
True Name 空宇 (Empty Home ?)
Gender Female
Visible Age ~10
Haibane Age 2
Affiliation Old Home
Voice ActorEN J-Ray Hochfield
Voice ActorJP Akiko Yajima


"Air" -

Kuu is the youngest of the Older Feather Haibane living at Old Home, having hatched only two years prior to Rakka. While she was barely big enough to be classified as an Older Feather, she's still very much a child at heart and resents being treated like a kid as a result. When Rakka's cocoon was found, Kuu fantasized about having a "little sister" before realizing that a Haibane smaller than she was would be placed with the Young Feathers and they wouldn't get to spend as much time together.

When Rakka's first dream was described, Kuu proclaimed its similarity to her own, in which she was floating around in the air. To prevent overlap, Reki focused on the nature of falling differentiating the two dreams and chose the name Rakka.

Ecstatic to have a junior, Kuu immediately throws herself into the role of education for Rakka, teaching her about the town, its citizens and the different establishments. Although Kuu doesn't appear to have secured regular work, she mentions that she occasionally helps clean one of the cafes in town. She also acts as a substitute teacher for the kids alongside Hikari or Nemu whenever Reki can't fill her normal role.

Unlike Kana, Kuu loves the crows and desperately wishes she could talk with them, instilling a similar love for the birds in Rakka. Kuu sees life as an adventure and loves the town she lives in. She spent her first year trying to do everything the others did, including wearing Hikari's glasses and crashing Reki's scooter into a utility pole. But once she finally grew up in her own way, she started to feel more mature and more confident of herself, ultimately giving Rakka her first winter jacket and the first thing she herself received when she arrived.

Because of her small size and childish mindset, Kuu yearned to be treated like an adult and got her wish when Rakka allowed Kuu to mentor her. Because of this, Kuu was able to achieve her greatest wish. She struggled to thank Rakka for everything she'd done for her before disappearing and taking her Day of Flight.

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