Haibane Renmei Episode 10
Kuramori — Haibane of Abandoned Factory — Rakka's Job
Kanji クラモリ — 廃工場の灰羽達 — ラッカの仕事
Rōmaji Kuramori — Haikōjō no Haibane tachi — Rakka no shigoto
Production Staff
Screenplay Yoshitoshi ABe
Episode Director Koji Yoshikawa
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Episode Summary Edit

In a flashback, Kuramori and Nemu witnessed Reki being born with black-spotted wings. Kuramori promised Reki that she would stay by her side forever. Kuramori takes Reki to see the Communicator, who gives Reki her name and shows Kuramori how to prepare the special medicine. One day, Kuramori falls ill due to her poor health, and Reki and Nemu cook breakfast for her overnight. The next morning, Kuramori lets Reki live in the guest room to take on the responsibility to take care of any newborn Haibane. In the present, Reki goes to the Communicator to ask for help for the ailing Rakka, so he tells her that Rakka is no longer sin-bound. He also says that Nemu always worries about her. Rakka feels better after Reki gives her the special medicine. As punishment for touching the wall, Rakka is given her own job within the wall around the city, as she is to gather light leaves to make halos and to purify the rusted name tags. Hyoko and Midori offer a tentatively friendly gesture from Abandoned Factory to Old Home. Reki tells Nemu not to think of her as a burden for worrying about her so much.

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