Character Infobox - Kana.png
Race Haibane
Given Name 河魚 (River Fish)
True Name Unknown
Gender Female
Visible Age ~16
Haibane Age 3
Affiliation Old Home
Job Clocksmith
Voice ActorEN Zarah Little
Voice ActorJP Eri Miyajima

Kana- River Fish[edit | edit source]

Kana dreamt of floating in a river like a fish would. The outspoken tomboy of the group, Kana dresses in pants and long-sleeved tops unlike the other girls at Old Home. Her happiness is working with machines, any kind of machines. She works at the clock tower in the very center of town and has the unique admission to go up to the balcony underneath the clock. She explains to Rakka through her more thoughtful side that the birds going over the walls carry the Haibane's lost items; things they left behind and forgot about when they went into the cocoons. Kana claims to hate the crows that live throughout the town and forbids Rakka to feed them, saying that if she did, they might grow comfortable there and would never fly free again. Kana is extremely resourceful, cooking up ideas at the drop of a hat and having the skills necessary to pull them off in a hurry. Through her somewhat brazen, wild attitude, she hides a deeper, more profound mind that wonders a lot about what might lie beyond the walls and whether or not she can remember anything from before. Interestingly enough, despite her competence with machines, she's hopeless at sewing. According to Nemu, any gloves she sets out to make wind up looking like socks by the time she's finished.

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