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Cocoon Dream[]

Character Infobox - Kana.png
Race Haibane
Given Name 河魚 (River Fish)
True Name Unknown
Gender Female
Visible Age ~16
Haibane Age 3
Affiliation Old Home
Job Clocksmith
Voice ActorEN Zarah Little
Voice ActorJP Eri Miyajima

"River Fish" - 河魚

Kana's first dream was of floating in a river like a fish, hence her name.


The mischievous tomboy of the group, Kana dresses in oddly distinct Chinese garb suitable to a teenage boy. Adventurous from the start, Kana discovered a trove of information in the clock tower detailing a former resident's ambition to convert the clock from a pendulum to electricity. Born with a fascination for machines, Kana works at the clocktower in town in hopes of completing the restoration of the clock tower in Old Home.

Cheerful and a bit rowdy, Kana also exhibits a much deeper, more thoughtful side than one might expect from watching her behave. While she brushes off much of the lore Reki talks about as nothing more than myths, in reality, she believes in it far more than she lets on, even elaborating to Rakka in an attempt to ease her fears. She explains how the Haibane view the crows as almost sacred beings which carry everything the Haibane have left behind or forgotten about once they went into the cocoons. This profound view of the crows is in sharp comedic contrast to her intense dislike of the birds for constantly rifling through the garbage. As a result, she doesn't let anyone feed them, claiming they have to work just as the Haibane do.

Kana is highly resourceful and capable of making quick decisions under pressure, though she has a tendency to be rash and somewhat impulsive. When she isn't tinkering with machines, a surprising amount of time in her mind is spent wondering what lies beyond the walls and what she might have left behind in her previous life, giving her an important connection with the like-minded Rakka right off the bat.

Despite her prowess with delicate machinery and clock parts, Kana is utterly hopeless at sewing.