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Character Infobox - Hikari.png
Race Haibane
Given Name 光 (Light)
True Name Unknown
Gender Female
Visible Age ~14
Haibane Age 4
Affiliation Old Home
Job Baker
Voice ActorEN Hunter Mackenzie Austin
Voice ActorJP Fumiko Orikasa


"Light" -

Hikari is the most feminine of the group and the third oldest Haibane in Old Home. Somewhat ditzy, Hikari is often forgetful and scatterbrained. But she makes up for her shortcomings with a wealth of knowledge about Haibane rules and customs, at least when she remembers to remember them. For instance, she forgot to tell Rakka that they can't speak while in the temple and also neglected to mention that wing movement was the sole source of communication they had available to them, even though Rakka couldn't move her wings at the time.

Hikari begged to be the Ring Bearer following Rakka's arrival, and was the one who gave her her halo from the mold, which proceeded to give Rakka unusually heavy static electricity. Hikari works in the oldest bakery in town in the very center of Glie where she tends the register and places fresh product on the shelves.

Hikari is also shown to be quite devious at times, such as when it's revealed that she wanted to be the Ring Bearer so she could borrow the mold, allowing her coworkers at the bakery to experiment with it without telling them what it was. The resulting "doughnuts" suspiciously resembled Haibane halos. While the other Haibane found the concept hilarious, Rakka was not so amused, as the sticky mold rendered her halo equally sticky and was the reason behind her static and an apparent cake-like aroma according to Young Feather Hana.

Hikari has been shown on multiple occasions to be extremely conscientious of those around her, feeling especially guilty for her role in Rakka's static electricity. She also tends to place the blame on herself whenever those around her are struggling, convinced she's not doing enough to help them. When Rakka begins to decline, she becomes especially hard on herself and briefly resents Reki for being so secretive about Rakka's condition. She'll also step in and care for the kids whenever Reki needs a day off, showing her resilience and ability to be responsible when it counts.

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