Character Infobox - Hikari
Race Haibane
Given Name 光 (Light)
True Name Unknown
Gender Female
Visible Age ~14
Haibane Age 4
Affiliation Old Home
Job Baker
Voice ActorEN Hunter Mackenzie Austin
Voice ActorJP Fumiko Orikasa

Hikari Edit

Hikari was the Haibane to present Rakka with her glowing halo on her first day awake. Hikari's dream was of being surrounded by a sparkling light. She's also very knowledgeable of the Haibane customs and rules, though she tends to forget to tell Rakka some fairly important details on occasion. Hikari spends much of her day outside Old Home working at a bakery in the center of town. She volunteered to be the Halo Bearer so she could borrow the special mold used to form them. She brought it to the bakery for the bakers to experiment with, leading to the source of Rakka's unusual static electricity causing her hair to stick up every which way due to the sticky halo. Hikari tends to be a bit on the ditzy side, but she genuinely cares for and concerns over the other members of Old Home, especially after Rakka starts to decline.