Haibane Renmei Wiki
Race Haibane
Gender Male
Visible Age ~10
Affiliation Young Feathers
Job N/A
Voice ActorEN Jessica D. Stone
Voice ActorJP Kumiko Higa


Dai is a Young Feather whose home alternates between Old Home and theAbandoned Factory.

It's unknown what his given name is. Like most of the Young Feathers, Dai has little respect for his given name in honor of whatever his cocoon dream was, and instead named himself Dai, which stands for Daiku which means Carpenter, after what he dreams of doing when he's grown.

Like several other Young Feathers, Dai was actually born in Abandoned Factory. But because of the run-down state of the nest, they don't have the facilities or resources to properly care for the kids, so any Young Feathers who hatch are sent instead to Old Home. They're allowed back a few times a year for a visit.