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Crow Symbolism Edit

Appearances and Interpretations Edit

Episode 01 Edit

Episode 02 Edit

  • After Kuu calls out to the communicator, causing him to lock gazes with Rakka, crows can be heard calling out to eachother. One in particular ceases only when the communicator seemingly dismisses it at will by tapping his cane on the ground. As it flies away, Kana comments that she cannot stand crows.

Episode 03 Edit

  • A vendor in Glie chases several crows away from his stand with a broom, prompting Kuu to sympathize with them and discuss with Rakka that she believes them to be peaceful and friendly; Rakka agrees that she wishes they could commune with the crows.

Episode 08 Edit

  • After lapsing into a state of depresision caused by Kuu's Day of Flight, Rakka escapes into the Western Woods, led by a crow which guides her to an abandoned well.

Episode 09 Edit

  • Upon sensing that the crows of Glie have guided her to the well deep in the Western Woods, Rakka climbs down the well and discovers the remains of a dead crow, and her Coocoon dream.