Haibane are born from cocoons of unknown origin. They appear mysteriously within haibane nests, at first as tiny as a dandelion puff and growing to accommodate a humanoid at any stage of life. When the being inside the cocoon has matured, it will experience a vivid dream before hatching. The contents of this dream will be the inspiration for their new name and may sometimes contain valuable information about their trials as a haibane.

When the cocoon is ready to hatch, the outside will turn charcoal gray. However, tradition holds that, when a haibane is ready to leave the cocoon, they cannot be helped in their hatching else they will be in danger of becoming weak.

Symbolism and Interpretations Edit

Coccoons are often used as a metaphor for transformation - the end of one life and the beginning of another. The haibane cocoon is also filled entirely with water, another symbol of life and transition. This can be seen not only as a crysalis, but also a womb through which the haibane are reborn.