Haibane Renmei Episode 12
Bell Nuts — Passing of the Year Festival — Reconciliation
Kanji 鈴の実 — 過ぎ越しの祭 — 融和
Rōmaji Suzu no mi — sugikoshi no matsuri — Yūwa
Production Staff
Screenplay Yoshitoshi ABe
Episode Director Wataru Sakaibashi
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Episode Summary Edit

The Haibane go into town to buy bell nuts, gifts of reconciliation for the upcoming Passing of the Year Festival. Reki gives one to Hyoko a week early, saying sorry for dragging her into her personal problems. Hyoko and Midori later reveal that Reki convinced Hyoko to climb over the wall by putting a wedge in it during a downpour in hopes of finding Kuramori on the other side, which almost led to Hyoko's death. The Communicator tells Rakka that the Day of Flight for a Haibane will come when they realize their true identity. He gives her a wooden tablet with her true name written on it. The Circle of Sin describes that because one cannot forgive themselves for their sin, only someone staying by their side must recognize their sin as well. The Communicator also gives a wooden tablet with Reki's true name on it, and Rakka is task to give it to her after the festival has passed. During the festival that night, the Haibane, except Reki, visit the people in town, giving them bell nuts as a sign of appreciation. Rakka brings Midori to Old Home to show Reki the yellow fireworks launched by Hyoko from the Abandoned Factory, a message of forgiveness to Reki.

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